Vitezslav Zilvar
Nadrazni 159, 517 73 Opocno
tel: 602 443 800, fax: 494 668 115
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Firm occupy by:

  • produce colour vitraj as complement to interier – windows, doors
  • produce wall vitraj made of colour mirror combined with colour glass, curved mirror – palace of laugh
  • produce colour mirror wall
  • produce vitraj from colour bevel mirror
  • painting on glass with glass colours in electric kiln (sign of town, blazon)
  • figural and floral section of glass and mirror
  • etching glass by corundum (windows, doors)
  • production of historic replication etching glass
  • production atypical wall and downlight lamp
  • using progressive technologi of fussing – sealing process of different colour glass and sequentially set up vitraj

we use native and imports colour cathedral glass.

to restoring and produce of figural vitraj are uses colour glasses, which are decorated by glass colours and seal in kiln.

Order do supplier, we provide proceeding and monument preservation.

Technically is possible to complement vitraj to insulative glass (winter garden, basin, bathroom, entering door and other...)

Firm cooperate with academical painters and housing architects.

Ours tendency is compile architect design and create vitraj as complement of interior – image with original graphic project and handicraft work.